Summary of Fund Objective

The Fund aims to provide shareholders with the opportunity to invest in a portfolio of high quality, Short-Term securities, consisting principally of transferable securities and money market instruments of governments and eligible securities of companies of any nation worldwide, primarily USD denominated, or hedged back into USD to avoid any currency exposure.

What are the Key Risks?

The value of shares in the Fund and income received from it can go down as well as up and investors may not get back the full amount invested. Performance may also be affected by currency fluctuations. Currency fluctuations may affect the value of overseas investments.

  • The Fund invests mainly in debt securities issued by governments or corporations of any country worldwide. Such securities have historically been subject to limited price movements with minimum exposure to changes in interest rates. The fund has historically proven to be highly stable and conservative in nature.
  • Other significant risks include: counterparty risk, credit risk, liquidity risk.
For full details of all of the risks applicable to this Fund, please refer to the “Risk Considerations” section of the Fund in the current prospectus of Franklin Templeton Investment Funds.