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At Franklin Templeton Multi-Asset Solutions, we believe that a diversified portfolio — across asset classes, styles, sectors, and regions — may offer individual investors the best opportunity for superior risk-adjusted returns over the long term.

Built Around
Client Needs

Dedicated to helping investors achieve their financial goals through multi-asset strategies such as:

  • Income funds
  • Diversified-outcome funds
  • Asset allocation funds

Franklin Templeton’s
Best Thinking

Investment Strategy and Research Committee:

  • Generates a top-down view across asset classes and regions
  • Connects the bottom-up insights of the global investment teams across Franklin Templeton

Deep Bench of
Multi-Asset Experts

50+ investment professionals, specialising in:

  • Strategic asset allocation and tactical positioning
  • Fundamental and quantitative research
  • Active implementation and risk management


Established 1948
Style Multi-Asset
Capabilities Outcome-Oriented, Asset Allocation

Multi-Asset Funds

Multi Asset - Flexible

Multi Asset - Static