Introducing Two New Smart Beta Equity ETFs

  • In Pursuit of Better Investment Outcomes: designed to seek strong risk-adjusted returns over the long-term and low downside capture in times of market volatility.
  • Built on Research-Driven Insights: a quantitative, multi-factor approach which provides significant exposure to companies meeting our comprehensive definition of “quality”.
  • A Diversified Suite of Equity ETFs: our proprietary multi-factor methodology now accessible in Asia ex-Japan and European Equity, in addition to Emerging Markets, US Equity and Global SRI.



What are Smart Beta ETFs

Watch this video for a simple explanation of what Smart Beta ETFs are, how they work and what they are designed to achieve.



Understanding the LibertyQ Factor Methodology

Learn more about the methodology behind our smart beta ETFs, including the rationale behind our LibertyQ ETF’s custom factor definitions and factor weightings.