Franklin Mutual Series

At Franklin Mutual Series, our focus is on recognising value that most other investors might miss. We believe that even with short-term market fluctuation, cash flow, revenue and the intrinsic value of companies ultimately drive stock prices in the long run. Our goal is to deliver solid, risk-adjusted returns, over the long-term. Over the last 60 years, Franklin Mutual Series' consistent, deep-value approach has benefited shareholders with long-term investment horizons.

Since 1949, Franklin Mutual Series' pursuit of value has been the underlying force driving our strategy.

  • Opportunistic Value Investors. Our core investments are in undervalued stocks with viable catalysts that we believe will change the way the market views their true worth. Through bottom-up research, we seek to find value wherever it hides.
  • Think and Act Like Company Owners. We have a responsibility to our shareholders and won't hesitate to be activist investors if their interests need to be protected.
  • Strive To Reduce Risk. Undervalued stocks are by definition discounted, which we believe reduces risk. Our unique strategy has historically provided the funds with lower volatility than the overall market and has enabled us to deliver strong results over the long term.

Franklin Mutual Series Snapshot

Established 1949
Style Deep Value
Capabilities Global, Regional
  • Over six decades of deep value investing.
  • Strategy combines the key elements of investing in undervalued stocks and, to a lesser extent, merger arbitrage and distressed securities.
  • Activist investors when necessary.