Investment Philosophy

Franklin Equity Group

The team brings more than six decades of investment experience offering expertise in growth, value and hybrid/balanced equity strategies that cover global, regional and sector specialties.


Templeton is a pioneer in managing global/international and emerging markets equities, leveraging its legacy of one culture, one philosophy, and one process for the benefit of investors since 1940.

Franklin Mutual Series

The team has over 60 years of experience investing with a deep-value approach in global equity markets.

Franklin Templeton Fixed Income Group®

The group has depth and breadth of expertise in all major sectors of the fixed income market, including corporate bonds, mortgage- and asset-backed securities, global sovereign and emerging market debt, municipal securities and bank loans.

Franklin Real Asset Advisors

The team provides global expertise in private real estate funds, listed infrastructure securities, and listed real estate securities.

Franklin Local Asset Management

Since 1993, Franklin Templeton has developed or invested in local asset management capabilities. Local portfolio managers investing locally in many countries around the world.

Our Approach

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