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Low Cost Emerging Markets ETFs

Seize emerging market opportunities in Brazil, China and South Korea through indexed exposures.


Franklin Liberty Euro Green Bond UCITS ETF

An ETF that invests primarily in green bonds to help fund projects with positive environmental or climate benefits.


New Multi-Factor Smart Beta ETFs

Designed to seek strong risk-adjusted returns over the long-term and low downside capture in times of market volatility.


K2 - An Alternative For Navigating Volatile Markets

Learn what Hedge Strategies are and how they can help.


Staying Nimble Amid an Uncertain Outlook

Our CIOs’ Global Investment Outlook highlights what shocks could affect the market and where they see opportunities.

Digital Innovations - Pinpointing Fixed Income Credit Risks

Distinguishing which risks are more likely to pay in Fixed Income Markets versus those that probably won’t.

On My Mind: Yield Curve Hysteria

Sonal Desai, our Fixed Income CIO, suggests the yield curve is telling us nothing about what lies ahead for the real economy.

Health Care Sector Innovation—How Biopharma Scientists Save Lives Globally

Equity Markets explores biotechnology entering the most transformative phase our health care analysts have seen in 25 years.

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A range of quality strategies across styles, regions and cap sizes to fit many needs.

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Strategies from unconstrained macro to speciality sectors to fit client views.

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Alternative funds invest in strategies and/or asset classes, with risk and return profiles distinct from traditional asset classes.

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Both strategies and a team that can help address challenges across your portfolios.

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